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CARDINAL PAIN CENTER SAFETY POLICY AND PROCEDURE FOR COVID 19 1. Texas Medical Board (TMB) safety policy would be visibly displayed in reception areas, bulletin boards, exam rooms and procedure rooms. EVERY PERSON ENTERING THE OFFICE WOULD BE ENFORCED TO HAVE A MASK/ BARRIER COVERING NOSE AND MOUTH AT ALL TIMES. A MASK/BARRIER WILL BE SOLD FOR $1 IF THE PATIENT DOES NOT HAVE A MASK. 2. COVID screening risk stratification call and assessment would be done 24-48 hours prior to all in-person office visits for patients. If the patient is unable to be reached, they will be screened right before they enter the office space. 3. Temperature screening will be done for employees everyday and symptoms of COVID and contact with COVID will be recorded every day. 4. Temperature and symptoms check will again be done on the day of the visit for all patients and visitors. 5. All persons accompanying patient will be made to wait in their car and should wear masks while in the premises of the office. Alcohol based hand sanitizer provided to all patients on check in. The patients will be advised to wait in the car with the ability to walk into exam rooms directly if desired, instead of sitting in the waiting area. 6. All chairs and seating area will be placed 6 feet apart. All frequently touched areas such as doorknobs and chairs and work stations will be sanitized thoroughly and several times every day. 7. Strict social distancing will be enforced in the waiting area. 8. All staff personnel will wear masks, and gloves and protective personnel during patient contact and strict hand hygiene enforced all medical personnel per CDC guideline. 9. Informed consents for COVID-19 will be obtained for both office visits and procedures. 10. The least effective dose of steroid would be used during procedures when absolutely needed. 11. Every effort will be done to maintain social distancing in office at all times. The staff reserve the right to ask patients to wait in their cars. Scheduling will be done to reduce crowded office spaces. Telemedicine will be offered to existing patients if allowed by Texas Medical Board, to ensure physician and patient safety. 12. Referrals would be made for testing patients if they have symptoms, or risk of exposure per CDC, WHO and TMA guidelines. Please review these CDC Guidelines on how to stay safe: